My Story



Hi my name is Amanda.


I have always loved scented candles but worried about the safety aspect especially round the cat and children. I would worry about the fact the cat could set its tail on fire or going to bed and forgetting to blow out the candle.

I bought my first Scentsy warmer in March 2014 and fell in love with the product and two days later I signed up to be a consultant. I only signed up on the thinking that I could get my bars and a couple more warmers at a reduced price and feed my fast growing addiction.

If I put a scent in to the warmer and fancied a different scent I could pour it back into the packet put another cube in and use the old one at a later date. I could even cut the cubes in half and mix the scents the possibilities where endless.

I soon found out that when I lent the warmers to people they shared the same passion as I did and bought warmers and wax from me some even signed up to be consultants.  I now have a wonderful team who help each other out and we all work together.