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Amanda Nutt



My Story

My Scentsy journey began nearly seven years ago when I purchased my first warmer and six bars of wax. I fell in love with product the simplicity of using it and how safe it was. No more black marks on my walls, ceilings or worrying about did I put that candle out before I went to bed. For me it was perfect and I was in control of the strength of the scent and could change as often as I wanted.

So just 24 hours after purchasing my first warmer I decided to give it ago and joined as a consultant. I thought I could get my products at a discount and possibly my Mum and Sister would buy from me.
You don’t have to be a sales person to sell Scentsy but simply by sharing how much you love the product is all it takes. It really is a case of your business your way with Scentsy as it can be a hobby that pays or a full time career it is entirely up to you. It’s perfect for a stay at home Mum that needs just something for them and a way for them not to feel isolated.
I have made the most amazing friends through Scentsy and I have to pinch myself now and again that what started off with just me has grown to a team of over two hundred worldwide. I’m so proud of every single one of them whether they just do it as hobby to the others that have changed their and their families and made it a full time career. Every single one of them make up the jigsaw that is our team.
I still get excited every time someone joins me and love helping them every step of the way as I know what they can achieve.

If you would like to know more please fill out the contacts form or call me on 07902387700.






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